Accelerate the Clinical Validation of Macrophage-Directed Therapies, Manipulating and Fixing Phenotypic Plasticity to Develop Safe, Targeted Therapies for Oncology, Autoimmunity, Inflammation and Beyond


Welcome to the 4th Macrophage-directed Therapies Summit

Supercharging Small Molecule, Antibody, Oligonucleotide & Cell-Based Therapies

The Macrophage-directed Therapies Summit is returning for the 4th year, back to Boston - and continues to be the leading industry-focused forum uniting this emerging community of over 100 leaders to review cutting-edge advances in the discovery, preclinical, translational, and clinical development of macrophage-directed therapies.

Covering discovery to the clinic and a brand-new Biomarkers Bootcamp, the summit is returning with two tracks of content.

Join the likes of Gilead Sciences, Pionyr Immunotherapeutics, KAHR Medical, Codiak BioSciences, Ichnos Sciences, and Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd, and receive the latest updates on clinical progress, novel approaches, and targets to broaden the spectrum of macrophage targeting. With continuing growth in the macrophage space, delve into:

  • CD47 targeting and other ‘don’t eat me’ signals
  • Safety concerns due to model translatability and dosing
  • Optimal combination or monotherapy discovery

Learn from our expert speaker faculty, who will be sharing more exclusive new or unpublished insights than ever before.

Turbocharge macrophage applications from oncology, inflammation, and beyond

Listen to leaders in the field as they share clinical data in the hope of validating macrophage-directed therapies and boosting funding in the space

Optimize and advance models and translatability to accelerate transfer into the clinic

Enhance safety and clinical operations by improving dosing strategy and determining optimal combinations while considering monotherapy

Review alternative methods to controlling macrophages through macrophage repolarization, CAR-Macrophages, exosome-mediated genetic reprogramming, and more

Explore how the interactions between macrophages and other cells can boost the efficacy

2022 Expert Speaker Faculty

Wim Dokter

Chief Scientific Officer


Speaker - Stephane Peluso

Stephane Peluso

Chief Scientific Officer

Infinity Pharmaceuticals

Speaker - Rita Barcia

Rita Barcia

Vice President, Process Development & Operations

SIRPant Immunotherapeutics

Tatiana Novobrantseva


Verseau Therapeutics

Speaker - Krzysztof Wicher

Krzysztof Wicher

Vice President, Head of Drug Discovery


"The Macrophage-directed Therapies Summit is an outstanding conference that brings together leaders from all areas of macrophage biology and therapeutic development. It is an event that has helped advance our understanding of how to harness macrophages for the treatment of human disease"

Whitehead Fellow, Whitehead Institute

"Best macrophage congress in the industry"

Chief Operating Officer, Faron Pharmaceuticals

"The Macrophage-directed Therapies Summit is an outstanding focus meeting gathering both academic and industrial afficionados contributing to moving next generation immunotherapies to cancer patients"

Chief Scientific Officer, OSE Immunotherapeutics

"Macrophage heaven"

Lecturer of Immunology, University of Surrey

“As our understanding of macrophage biology advances and new drug candidates enter clinical development, the macrophage summit represents a unique opportunity for pioneers in the field to share and learn from each other across preclinical, manufacturing and development functions”

Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, Pionyr Immunotherapeutics