With the explosive excitement and clinical proof of concept utilizing CD47 approaches, 2020 is the year for macrophage development, as we witness greater interest and investment in new work on novel macrophage targets outside of CD47.

The Macrophage-directed Therapies Summit is focused on optimizing the potential of macrophage therapies, through direct utilization of cells or small molecule approaches to target and stimulate macrophage cells in vivo for oncological indications and beyond

Join us online this October as the trailblazers of macrophage therapeutic development, from the likes of Carisma Therapeutics, Faron Pharmaceuticals, and Verseau Therapeutics come together to advance the fundamental understanding of macrophage biology, avoiding on-target toxicities and the emerging field of macrophage cellular immunotherapy.

Here is a snapshot of the top 5 discussion you can’t afford to miss:

macrophage 1

Explore the role of macrophage biology outside of oncology to advance treatment in autoimmunity, inflammatory and regenerative medicine disorders with University of Pittsburgh and Hannover Medical School

macrophage 2

Optimizing SIRPα targeted therapies for safe and efficacious treatment for solid tumors with OSE Immuno- therapeutics

macrophage 3

Pursue novel targets and pathways to cement the future of macrophage targeted therapies with Faron Pharmaceuticals

macrophage 4

Overcome mechanisms of resistance and enhance efficacy through development of combination approaches with TG Therapeutics

macrophage 5

Advance Repolarization approaches to Induce Anti-Tumor Immune Responses with Verseau Therapeutics and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

What to Expect From a Digital Event


10+ Hours of Content

2+ Hours of Networking

2 Hours of Live Q&A

Content Available Post-Event

Our new, virtual platform will allow you to access high-quality content and networking opportunities live and direct from your home:

  • Tune into live presentations from our expert speakers, including Jeffrey Pollard, Nicholas Poirier and Tatiana Novobrantseva
  • Engage with your peers in a facilitated speed networking session
  • Establish connections with speakers and attendees through private and public chatrooms, including video calling for 121 private conversations
  • Save each session to your personal calendar to ensure you don’t miss a particular presentation
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We will be using Hopin, an online events platform, to deliver this event digitally. Click below to take a closer look at the platform and see what you can expect on the day: