With T cell therapy delivering little efficacy in solid tumors and PD-1 checkpoint inhibitors only effective in 10-15% of cancer patients, the cell immunotherapy revolution is turning to macrophages to target solid tumors due to their inherent ability to infiltrate the tumor microenvironment, stimulate the immune system and recruit adaptive immune cells to the tumor site.

The Macrophage-directed Therapies Summit is focused on bringing together the various applications and approaches from CD47 blockades to CAR-macrophages to discuss how to overcome common challenges in order to ensure clinical proof of concept.

As the leaders in development from the likes of Boehringer Ingelheim, Celgene and TG Therapeutics explore how to ensure safety and reduce toxicity, manage and control the plasticity of macrophages and consider homing and trafficking cells to the correct tumor site, join us this October to discuss the recent advances in the clinic and the challenges that remain.

Here is a snapshot of the top 5 discussions you can’t afford to miss:

  1. Characterizing Macrophage Biology to Understand their Contribution to Tumor Progression

University Medical Center Groningen will review molecular imaging strategies to understand how specific macrophage subtypes contribute to tumor growth.


  1. Overcoming Off-tumor Toxicity

ALX Oncology, Trillium Therapeutics and OSE-Immuno will reveal strategies to specifically target tumor cells, preventing the CD47 sink effect and minimize toxicity risks like anemia.


  1. Pursue Drug Development in the Absence of Relevant In Vivo Models

Verseau Therapeutics and Merck will discuss alternative translational strategies including ex vivo cultures and tumor slices to review their implications for clinical translation.


  1. Enhance Clinical Efficacy with Combination Trials

TG Therapeutics will present preclinical data supporting the rationale to use CD47 bispecific antibodies with B-cell targeted drugs to enhance clinical outcomes.


  1. Opportunity for Macrophage-targeted Approahes Beyond Oncology

Massachusetts General Hospital will evaluate the role of macrophages in cardiovascular health and how their distinct subsets can pursue steady states and disease.


Join your macrophage community to learn and network with those leading the translation of macrophage directed therapies as they strive for clinical validation.

For more details about the program, speaker faculty or pricing and discounts, contact us today.