Welcome to the 3rd Macrophage-directed Therapies Summit

Following exponential growth and exciting investments, 2021 is the year of the macrophage, boasting highly advantageous and commercially attractive benefits, with blockbuster potential in oncology, autoimmunity, inflammation, infectious diseases and more.

Join the Macrophage-directed Therapies Summit to connect with the pioneers of the macrophage field setting a trailblazing fire to the immunotherapy industry to accelerate novel target identification, modulation of macrophage phenotypes and in vivo visualization of macrophages to ensure the successful clinical translation of your macrophage-directed therapy.

Key discussions from 2021:

  • Discover the emerging novel macrophage targets for solid tumor treatment with Scenic Biotech, Oncoresponse, Pathios and Genagon Therapeutics
  • Optimizing identification and development of novel biomarkers to address the heterogeneity in macrophage populations with Merck, University of Surrey and Translatum Medicus Inc
  • Advance development of macrophage-directed therapies for Covid-19, autoimmunity, inflammation, dry AMD and more with OSE Immunotherapeutics, Translatum Medicus Inc, Whitehead Institute and Sanofi
  • Supercharge clinical translation of safe and effective of CD47/SIRPα targeted therapies for improved patient outcomesby exploring lessons learnt in clinical trial case studies with Trillium Therapeutics, Kahr Medical, Shattuck Labs and MD Anderson
  • Drive the Modification of immunosuppressive macrophages to enhance anti-tumor immune activity with Verseau, Pionyr Therapeutics and Faron Pharmaceuticals