Non-Oncology Macrophage Therapies Focus Day

Given the inflammatory activity, phagocytosis and immune recruiting activity of macrophages, these cells have become hot targets therapeutically for many indications outside of Oncology.

Led by expert leaders across pharma, biotech, academia, join this dedicated focus day to explore how to exploit macrophages for their use in autoimmunity, inflammation, tissue and regenerative medicine to unveil the full therapeutic power of these cells!


Looking beyond CD47

As the macrophage industry continues to expand rapidly, and the interest in harnessing these cells for therapeutic benefit grows, there are new and novel targets and pathways that have emerged with the potential to accelerate development of efficacious anti-tumor treatments.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about the most exciting emerging developments in the field, as we discuss the different approaches being taken to exploit the clinical benefit of macrophages.