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Myeloid Therapeutics

Myeloid Therapeutics

Industry Partner

Farcast Biosciences is a diagnostic company focused on facilitating the identification of therapies for cancer patients before they begin treatment and is also optimized to test drug candidates prior to clinical trials. The Farcast platform is ideal for analyzing target engagement, understanding mechanism of action and identifying novel biomarkers. The platform recapitulates the human tumor microenvironment by culturing fresh unmodified human tumor fragments in a proprietary ex vivo histoculture system that includes patient matched immune cells and plasma.


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Innovation Partner

With unrivaled expertise in immunology, and operating sites in North America (East and West Coast) and Europe, Nexelis is a leading provider of assay development and advanced laboratory testing services in the infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, and oncology fields. Our versatile team of scientists, working with our advanced technology platforms, were instrumental in the development, qualification, validation, and large-scale sample testing of assays that supported the FDA filing of almost 100 new molecular entities, including blockbuster vaccines, anti-viral drugs, and immunotherapy, gene and cell therapy products.