Workshop B

Translational Studies using Human Tumor Ex Vivo Culture During Development of Myeloid-Targeting Therapies

1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

The changing plasticity of macrophages is difficult to reproduce in animal models which lack comparable biology and immune systems.
This translational challenge limits the validation of proof of concepts and requires the field to explore different preclinical models to analyze the safety and activity of their drug target.

Join this workshop to:

• Understand motivation for developing ex vivo cultures to test macrophage-based therapies against human cancers

• Compare the advantages and disadvantages between tumor slice and tumor dissociated cultures

• Review Keytruda and macrophage-repolarizing agents’ response across multiple tumor types

• Leave understanding the implications of using human ex vivo tumor cultures for clinical translation

Speaker - Igor Feldman
Yanyan Zheng

Igor Feldman
Co-Founder, Vice President & Head of Computational Biology
Verseau Therapeutics

Igor Feldman is a Co-Founder and has served as a Vice President and the Head of Computational Biology at Verseau Therapeutics since January 2017. Igor has held positions at Merck & Co., Rosetta Informatics, Jounce Therapeutics and Epizyme. He has been involved in discovery and clinical development using large omics datasets of human tumors, drug response biomarker discovery, novel target discovery in immunooncology and epigenetics and establishing computational infrastructure from the ground up for early discovery and development support in several biotech startup companies. He is an inventor on eight U.S. patents.

Yanyan Zheng
Principal Scientist, Discovery Oncology

Yanyan Zheng is a Principal Scientist in Discovery Oncology at Merck & Co. Inc., leading the tumor intrinsic targeting and translational pathology group. As a seasoned drug hunter, she is interested in bringing innovative therapeutics to patients with unmet medical need.  Her expertise encompasses a broad range of processes in drug development, from target identification/validation, biologics discovery, to translational research. Dr. Zheng received her Ph.D. in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, with a concurrent M.S.  degree in Biostatistics, from University of Southern California. She conducted her Postdoctoral Fellowship training in Cancer Biology at Stanford University.”