Macrophage Polarization, Resident-Infiltrating Interactions, and Therapeutic Avenues Within the Osteoarthritic Knee Joint

Time: 2:30 pm
day: Focus Day


  • Dysregulation of resident synovial macrophages and infiltrating proinflammatory monocytes from circulation contribute to osteoarthritis (OA) disease progression and phenotype; monocyte/macrophage polarization is a promising target for novel therapies
  • In vivo delivery of exogenously polarized murine macrophages in a murine DMM OA model probes whole-joint response to changing the polarization ratio
  • In vitro human primary OA synoviocyte co-culture with exogenously polarized human monocytes/macrophages captures human-relevant gene and protein changes relating to inflammation, chemotaxis, and fibrosis