Jennifer Guerriero

Jennifer Guerriero

Job title: Lead Investigator, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Director, Breast Tumor Immunology Laboratory, Dana- Farber Cancer Institute, Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School


Dr. Guerriero received her Bachelor’s degree in BioChemistry from Northeastern University and has a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Immunology and Pathology from Stony Brook University where she trained under Dr. Wei-Xing Zong and completed her thesis entitled, “A study of cell death pathways and innate immunity in cancer chemotherapy”.

Dr. Guerriero completed her postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Dr. Anthony Letai at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute where she investigated the role of tumor macrophages in breast cancer and identified novel mechanisms to target pro-tumor macrophages to an anti-tumor phenotype to induce tumor regression.  She built “Team Macrophage” during her postdoctoral fellowship, including Dr. Anita Mehta and Emily Cheney, who are now part of the Breast Tumor Immunology Laboratory.

Dr. Guerriero is now an Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and is the Director of the Breast Tumor Immunology Laboratory in the Susan F. Smith Women’s Cancer Program at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.


Targeting Tumor Associated Macrophages in Advanced Breast Cancer 4:00 pm

Gain knowledge of the biology, ontology and phenotype of tumor associated macrophages Assess novel immunotherapy strategies aimed at targeting macrophages for anti-cancer therapy Elucidate the diversity of myeloid cells in breast cancerRead more

day: Day Two

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