Matthias Nahrendorf

Matthias Nahrendorf

Company: Massachusetts General Hospital

Job title: Principal Investigator


My current research interests focus on imaging of molecular processes during the healing phase after myocardial infarction. Imaging targets are innate immune cells. Monocytes and macrophages are key players with a central role in disease, including the development of heart failure. We use the entire spectrum of modalities, including MRI, nuclear and optical imaging techniques. Multimodal imaging, as well as hybrid approaches to fuse molecular data with anatomical information are aspects of particular interest. These technologies are embedded in a biologically driven research program that aims at systematic understanding of inflammation at a basic level while keeping a rigorous translational perspective. In addition, I serve as the Director of the Mouse Imaging Program at the Center for Systems Biology. In this function, I oversee the scientific and administrative aspects of a broad molecular imaging facility that comprises all modalities, lead and mentor a team of post doctoral researchers and technicians and support collaborative imaging projects with outside researchers focussing on cardiovascular disease and cancer.


Macrophages in Cardiovascular Health 3:00 pm

• Discuss the biology of monocytes and macrophages that reside and accumulate in atherosclerotic lesions but also in the healthy and injured heart and brain • Outline how cells and their subsets pursue distinct functions in steady state and disease, and their tenure may range between hours to months; some subsets are highly inflammatory, while…Read more

day: Day Two

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