Tatiana Novobrantseva

Tatiana Novobrantseva

Company: Verseau Therapeutics

Job title: Co-founder & CSO


Reprogramming Human Macrophages to Achieve Anti-Tumor Immune Response. 4:30 pm

Macrophages adopt functional roles in response to signals from their environment. Tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) are regulators of interactions between immune system and cancer, they fuel tumor progression, but impact responses to therapy. We found novel targets that change macrophages into anti-tumor response enablers and validated targets modulating human macrophage biology. Verseau lead programs reprogram macrophages…Read more

day: Discovery & Pre-Clinical Development - Day 1 pm2

Industry Leader’s Fireside Chat 10:30 am

An executive panel discussion from the C-level leaders of the field to set the scene on macrophage directed therapy development. Ask your questions live to understand the expert’s thoughts on key topics including safety and toxicity management, controlling the plasticity of macrophages and exploring the immunological memory of macrophagesRead more

day: Day One

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