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Welcome to the 5th Macrophage-directed Therapies Summit

Macrophages are receiving ever-growing attention as a target for immunotherapies, in both oncology and inflammation, due to their plastic nature and ability to bridge the innate and adaptive immune system: AACR highlighted macrophage therapies as an area of priority of antitumor immunity. Furthermore, multiple IND approvals over the past year, from Byondis, SIRPant and Carisma Therapeutics have shone the spotlight on the potential for macrophage reprogramming.

The 5th Macrophage-Directed Therapies Summit returned as the industry’s go-to forum reuniting experts pioneering macrophage cell therapies, anti-CD47 therapies and novel targets to:

  • Optimize clinical translation
  • Enhance cell engineering
  • Unlock macrophage biology
  • Boost target validation
  • Advance combination rationale

Furthermore, we explored the next-generation of modalities and targets to harness the power of macrophages.

We heard clinical updates from Carisma Therapeutics, Shattuck Labs, Kineta and SIRPant ImmunoTherapeutics and dugdeep into macrophage biology with academic leaders, Judy Varner, Jennfier Guerriero, Kipp Weiskopf and Thomas Marron, to optimize reprogramming and combination strategies to repolarize macrophages in the tumor microenvironment and inflammation.