Conference Day One - Wednesday | October 2, 2024

7:30 am Check-In & Coffee

8:15 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Unlocking Macrophages’ Full Potential: Leveraging Proof-of-Concept Data to Chart the Path for Better Patient Outcomes

8:20 am Industry Leader’s Fireside Chat: Contextualizing Macrophage-Specific Challenges in Comparison to Other Cell Types


  • Mapping out the potential of cell therapies by outlining incentives for focusing on macrophages
  • Considering broad-perspective challenges to draw comparisons between working with macrophages and other cell types
  • Understanding the advantages of macrophages to propel this form of cell therapy

9:00 am Data Showcase: Recent Key Data on Bispecific Macrophage Engagers Highlighting the Promise of Future Macrophage-Directed Therapies

  • Darren Ji Chief Executive Officer, Elpiscience Biopharmaceuticals


  • Presenting recent pre-clinical/clinical data that amplify the potential of macrophagedirected therapies
  • Discussing the advantages of macrophage engagers over T-cell engagers through comparative analysis
  • Contextualizing data by unveiling models and methods used

9:30 am Morning Break & Speed Networking


As the community unites, this session will provide valuable networking time with your peers to foster new and lasting connections.

Illuminating the Boundless Potential of Macrophage-Directed Therapeutics Through Exploration of Novel Targets

10:30 am Advancing the Novel Target GPR65 (an Acid-Sensing Receptor) From Drug Discovery to Clinic


  • Discussing GPR65 as a target for cancer and autoimmune disorders, along with its strong genetic link to human immunology
  • Reflecting on the drug discovery journey of GPR65 to map out progression and learnings from this phase
  • Unveiling future plans to advance toward clinical approval

11:00 am Exploring The Clever-1 Receptor Antibody as a Novel Mechanism to Target Macrophages in Cancer Treatment

  • Rita Turpin Researcher, University of Turku & Faron Pharmaceuticals


  • Utilizing Bexmarilimab to target Clever-1, a novel mode-of-action to activate macrophage antigen presentation (ex vivo, spatial transcriptomics MATINS trial)
  • Overcoming ICI resistance by targeting Clever-1
  • Exploring Clever-1 as a new player in hematological malignancies through the BEXMAB trial

11:30 am CLEC1 Novel Myeloid Checkpoint & Cell-Death Sensor, with Application in Oncology & Inflammation


  • Understanding the biology of CLEC1 to clarify its role as a novel target and explain its mechanism
  • Outlining CLEC1’s function in cancer treatment to underscore its therapeutic potential in this indication
  • Mapping out CLEC1 function in inflammation and comparing its role in oncology

12:00 pm Learning from DSP107, a CD47x4-1BB bi-specific, to Advance Therapies into the Future & Consider the Continued Therapeutic Potential of CD47


  • Improving target specificity and activity using bi-specific fusion protein
  • Transforming safety profile and avoiding hematological toxicities
  • Enhancing the treatment potential of solid and hematological malignancies

12:30 pm Lunch Break & Networking

Assessing the Potential of Combination Therapies to Advance Efficacy & Safety

1:30 pm Considering the Rationale Behind Developing Combination Therapies to Maximize their Potential Effectiveness

  • Jaume Pons Chief Scientific Officer, ALX Oncology


  • Strategizing the logical design of a combination therapy to enhance the efficacy of your macrophage-directed therapy
  • Weighing up the benefits and drawbacks of combination therapies to grasp their appeal
  • Reviewing the costs and other limiting factors associated with combination therapies

2:00 pm Presentation by United Immunity


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2:30 pm Tumor-Activated Multi-Specific Biologics for CD47-Targeting Approaches with Improved Therapeutic Index


  • Overcoming challenges and amplifying success in CD47-targeting therapies by harnessing clinical learnings
  • Exploring multi-specific antibody-based formats with enhanced phagocytosis compared to the combination of individual components
  • Developing and characterizing masked multi-specific biologics for tumor-selective activity

3:00 pm Afternoon Break & Networking

Delving into Plasticity & Durability to Overcome Break Down Challenges Inherent to Working With Macrophages

4:00 pm Reprogramming Macrophages for Therapeutic Benefits

  • Tatiana Novobrantseva Chief Scientific Officer | Advisor, NextPoint Therapeutics | Verseau Therapeutics


  • Describing the common biology underlying macrophage states across various cancer indications
  • Highlighting targets for inducing desired macrophage reprogramming
  • Mapping out the challenges associated with macrophage plasticity

4:30 pm Locking Macrophages into a Phenotype: Assessing Methods to Overcome the Challenge of Macrophage Plasticity


  • Discovering methods to promote a consistent macrophage phenotype and suppressing phenotype switching
  • Reinforcing the importance of improving durability of phenotypes when working with macrophages
  • Enhancing longevity of macrophages to prevent apoptosis from environmental factors by benchmarking effective practices

5:00 pm Discussing the Tumor Microenvironment (TME) & Considering How Macrophages Interact with Other Cell Types

  • Kamal Puri Chief Scientific Officer, Oncoresponse


  • Delving into how macrophages interact with other cell types such as Tregs, T-helper cells, and NK cells in the tumor microenvironment to understand cell signaling and interactions
  • Exploring the full complexity of the tumor microenvironment
  • Targeting inhibitory receptors on myeloid cells to overcome resistance to immune checkpoint blockade

5:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:40 pm End of Conference Day One