9am - 12pm EST | 6am - 9am PST

Macrophage Targeting to Enhance Immunotherapy

Macrophages play a major role in cancer, and in solid tumors, as immunosuppressors. However, macrophages are a heterogeneous population and greater knowledge on the subsets of macrophages and tumors that exist is needed to enhance understanding as to which subpopulations should be targeted.

The purpose of this workshop is to advance understanding of the sub populations of tumor macrophages, and how to think of them beyond ‘M1 and M2’.

This workshop will discuss:

• Macrophage Diversity ain human cancers

• Immunosuppression

• Macrophage tuning

Workshop Leader:

Jeffrey Pollard

Jeffrey Pollard


Medical Research Council Centre for Reproductive Health

Professor of Resilience Biology

University of Edinburgh


1pm - 4pm EST | 10am - 1pm PST

Multi-Combination Strategy: Can we Engage Macrophages with a Combo Anti-CD47 + Anti-CD20 Antibodies & Increase Efficacy with Small Molecules Targeting BTK & PI3K ?

Workshop Leader:

Emmanuel Normant

Emmanuel Normant

VP Preclinical Sciences

TG Therapeutics

Drug combinations are critical for efficacy in oncology. TG Therapeutics is building a “combinable” pipeline in order to increase the depth of response, decrease the instances of resistance, and tackle financial toxicity.

This workshop will:

• Discuss the anti-CD20 antibody ublituximab, the PI3K inhibitor umbralisib, the irreversible BTK inhibitor TG1701and the novel CD47-CD19 bispecific antibody TG1801

• Show that targeting the innate CD47 checkpoint increases the efficacy of antibody-dependent cellular toxicity (ADCC) and phagocytosis (ADCP) driven by the anti-CD20 antibody ublituximab

• Show that the addition of BTK and PI3K inhibitors do not block the activation of macrophages ADCP and show synergism in vivo