8:55 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:00 am Industry Leader’s Fireside Chat: A Roundup of Clinical Development with a Focus on Clinical Validation

  • Carol O’Hear Vice President, Clinical Development, Hematology Franchise Head, Gilead Sciences
  • Amit Agarwal Senior Vice President, Clinical Development, Arch Oncology


• Unraveling clinical success stories to reaffirm the potential of macrophage-directed therapies and boost
investment in the macrophage space
• Addressing key dosing, safety, and efficacy challenges to accelerate clinical results

Spotlights Beyond CD47 Targeting to Expand Macrophage Therapy Repertoire

10:00 am Exosome Mediated Genetic Reprogramming of Tumor-Associated Macrophages

  • Dalia Burzyn Director, Immuno- Oncology & Inflammation, Codiak BioSciences


• Engineered exosomes allow selective targeting of undruggable transcription factors in macrophages
• exoASO-STAT6 induces reprogramming of tumor-associated macrophages and promotes CD8 T-cell mediated adaptive immune responses
• exoASO-STAT6 shows potent monotherapy activity in several mouse syngeneic models

10:30 am Reprogramming Macrophages to Drive Anti-Tumor Immunity


• Overview of macrophage reprogramming for cancer immunotherapy, including proprietary CAR-M technologies
• Preview of novel modalities, including in vivo macrophage reprogramming

11:00 am
Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

11:01 am
Preclinical & Discovery

Determining Optimal Combination Therapies to Enhance Efficacy

12:00 pm Profile of BYON4228, a Selective Pan-Allelic SIRPα Blocking Antibody Designed to Improve Efficacy of Therapeutic Anti-Tumor Antibodies


• BYON4228 potentiates both macrophage- and neutrophil-mediated elimination of hematologic and
solid cancer cells in vitro in the presence of several different tumor-targeting antibodies.
• BYON4228 does not recognize the closely related T-cell expressed SIRPα.
• BYON4228 is well tolerated by cynomolgus monkeys. Clinical studies are planned to start in 2022

12:30 pm The Potency of Macrophage Repolarization as a Monotherapy Approach Versus the Need to Combine with Other Treatments


• Macrophage repolarization sets in motion many arms of the anti-tumor response
• Mechanistic combination potential
• Is successful monotherapy possible, and where would it be most effective?

Clinical & Translational

Exploring Clinical Developments Outside CD47 Targeting

12:00 pm Employing a CAR-Macrophage Approach to Successfully Tackle Solid Tumors

  • Ramona Swaby Vice President, Clinical Development, Carisma Therapeutics


• Preclinical background for the development of Carisma Therapeutics CT-0508
• Clinical development of CAR-macrophage therapy with Carisma Therapeutics CT-0508
• Next steps for the development of Carisma Therapeutics CAR-macrophage therapeutic development

12:30 pm Development of Eganelisib, a First-in-Class PI3Kgamma Inhibitor for Next Generation Macrophage Reprogramming Cancer Immunotherapy


• Discovery of Eganelisib and characterization of MOA
• Summary of Eganelisib clinical development program with a focus on translational data

1:00 pm
Lunch Break & Networking

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